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/NITRO 2000 – Air Seeder

If you are looking for the latest technology in air seeder sowing boots for a small grain, broad area crop production application, then the NITRO 2000 applicator is your best choice. The NITRO 2000 has been designed for use in air seeding application systems.

At AGROTIL, we developed this innovative and patented technology (PCT/AU2017/050033) to meet the needs of agricultural users and farmers who are continually looking to achieve optimum healthy crop growth and precision sowing through precise placement of seed and fertilizers into the seed bed.

The incredible and patented nutrient placement technology from AGROTIL means that all the hard work is done for you. Don’t endure any more inaccuracy when sowing your seeds and placing your nutrients – the NITRO 2000 air seeder sowing boots allow you to plant seed to obtain maximum nutrient benefit, giving you optimal conditions for plant germination and growth.


How the NITRO 2000 Sowing Boots System Works

Unique attaching system. The NITRO 2000 applicator attaches to the shank of most air seeding tools on today’s market via a simple adaptor system. This adaptor has a tapered key lock design for ease of attaching and removing of the boots system for replacing or maintenance .

Unique nested boot connecting systems. Our unique patented nested boot connecting system from the NITRO 2000 allows for up to two hi-wear cast iron boots to be connected as part of the application system. Each of the boots is easily height adjustable in 10mm increments which means that the seed, nutrient and soil amendments can be placed into the soil at different layers – depending on the local agronomic practices and soil conditions.

Easily replaced wear items. The NITRO 2000 is complete with replaceable in-ground boot shrouds with tungsten carbide wear tips braised onto the shroud at high wear point locations. This ensures long boot life and gives you a more reliable product. Plus, the lower boot shrouds are the only items to be replaced – so you don’t have to replace the complete boot as you do on many competitive systems.

Delivery Systems. The NITRO 2000 has innovative connection systems for applying large amounts of dry products, liquids in macro or micro rates and anhydrous gas through the boot system.

Unique Spray Shrouds.  The NITRO 2000 brings the ability to apply liquids in stream or spray delivery, fully integrated into the nested boot system.  This unique system provides adjustability and a number of delivery points to apply liquid products where they need to be targeted to.


NITRO 2000 Air Seeder Sowing Boot System Benefits

  • Sow to the optimum seed depth consistently
  • The right seed coating will happen at the right rate
  • Placement of nutrients at the required depths in the soil profile
  • Seeds have access to the right nutrients at the right quantities accessible for the plant’s roots thanks to intelligent sow-depth technology
  • Soil structure optimised for nutrient access
  • Readily adjustable and configurable to localised field conditions and agronomic practices
  • Long life wear parts that can be readily relaced when required
  • Ability to apply both macro and micro liquids


Who is the NITRO 2000 for?

Farmers who are looking to implement variable rate technology for their seed and nutrient placements and prescriptions will benefit from this precision agricultural technology. As we mentioned above, the highly configurable precision sowing boot components allows for variable seed and nutrient placement. This makes the NITRO 2000 an integral part of intelligent sowing.

No other type of air seeder or pasture seeder sowing boots or applicators on the market today allows the kind of configurability and hard-wearing technology that the NITRO 2000 offers. For all forms of seed and nutrient application, the NITRO 2000 is an unmissable addition to achieving crop production technology. Give your air seeding equipment the boost it needs to get optimum crop germination and growth every time.


Seed and Plant Needs

There is a range of elements which need to come together to achieve optimum plant growth.

Healthy plant growth happens when the seeds are sown at precisely the right depth into the soil. The NITRO 2000 Air Seeder Sowing Boot System gives you optimum air seeding technology to allow sowing at the right depth, taking the guesswork out of the process.

When sowing seeds, the soil needs to be structurally conditioned to maximise access to plant nutrients. Sowing with intelligent air seeder technology ensures that plant nutrients are dispersed in the right location for maximum root growth, and thus will work to ensure excellent plant growth. The nutrient applicator of the NITRO Air Seeder Sowing Boot System allows you to sustain optimum plant growth and the right seed depth for your soil profile.


The Optimum Plant Growth Solution

At AGROTIL, we wanted to bring the best solution to our farmers as a means of helping them to achieve optimum plant germination and growth. To this end, we developed the patented NITRO 2000 Series Air Seeding Sowing Boot system. Our NITRO 2000 Series range is the industry leader in seeding applicators for broad-area crop establishment.

Our unique patented technology for the NITRO 2000 Series is highly adjustable and can apply a range of nutrient formulas at various levels in the soil to ensure optimum plant root growth and development.

Our advanced application units have been developed to attach to most existing types of air seeding bars and ground engaging tools.

We have other NITRO applicators available for use in addition to the NITRO 2000:

NITRO 1000 Series Applicators

This applicator includes a new and innovative range of fertiliser knives which work for side dressing nutrients in vapour, gas, liquid and granule forms. The NITRO 1000 allows for a range of depths, rates and placements for emerging or growing crops.

NITRO 2000 Series Applicators

Usually used in small grain, broad area applications, the NITRO 2000 is a tyned air seeding sowing boot applicator which allows for nutrients and soil conditioners to be applied at a range of rates and depths for optimum crop growth.

NITRO 5000 Series Applicators

Perfect for deep tillage in broad area and row crop applications. The NITRO 5000 is ideal for sugar cane, and cotton, for example. You can disperse multiple seed and nutrient products at a range of depths and rates while doing deep or even strategic tillage.



We have combined our extensive agronomic and crop production experience with our extensive engineering design and manufacturing expertise. The result? The NITRO Series. The NITRO 2000 (and the range of other NITRO applicators) is perfect for your broad area grain and row crop production systems.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how the AGROTIL NITRO 2000 Air Seeder Sowing Boot Applicator System can work to bring you precision seed placement alongside nutrient and soil amendment with your current air seeder.

Call us on 1300 125 278 or contact us online.

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