Get more out of your land and achieve optimal crop growth by taking advantage of the latest technology in nutrient and fertilizer applicators from AGROTIL. The AgroJECT nutrient and fertilizer knife series delivers the ultimate combination of efficiency, sustainability and durability.

At AGROTIL, we combine our extensive experience in agronomy and crop production with innovative manufacturing and engineering design to create the ultimate series of backswept fertilizer knives, with the versatility you need to enrich your soil and improve crop growth.

The AgroJECT™ is a reconfigurable Backswept Nutrient & Fertilizer Applicator that gives you the versatility to apply nutrients in various depths all in one pass


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Our revolutionary AgroJECT provides more than a simple fertiliser application system. Thanks to new and innovative configurations, the AgroJECT can also apply soil amendments, nitrogen as well as other macro and micro nutrients so you can get the most out of your soil.

The AgroJECT™ is extremely reconfigurable. Allows you to apply different nutrients in various depths in ONE SINGLE PASS

AGROTIL’s AgroJECT allows Unrestricted Fertilizer and Nutrient Application in ONE PASS. The AgroJECT gives you the versatility to apply nutrients in various depths all in one pass. Nutrients can be applied in a range of rates and placement depths for both emerging and growing crops, and optimum in-ground performance is achieved thanks to the industry-recognised 45-degree angular backswept design.

With this backswept fertilizer applicator, you have no restrictions on the type of nutrients you can apply. The AgroJECT provides flexibility to efficiently side-dress all kinds of nutrients in multiple forms including:

  • Gas
  • Vapour
  • Liquids
  • Granules




Soil needs to be structurally conditioned to maximise the ability for nutrients to enrich plant growth. Avoid nutrient deficiency in your crops and ensure your crop root systems have direct access to all the necessary nutrients needed for plants to grow with the help of the AgroJECT.

To maintain healthy plant growth, agronomists are looking for ways to achieve greater nutrient uptake and efficiency. Thanks to the AgroJECT, all the nutrients you need to get the most out of your land can be applied including nitrogen, phosphorous, bulk organic liquids, various trace elements and soil amendments.

So, if you want to get the most out of your land, the AgroJECT series is a logical choice. Apply all forms of nutrients to your soil efficiently, with zero hassle.

AGROJECT™ Benefits:

  • AGROTIL’s patented and innovative design
  • Gas, granular and liquid fertilizer applicator
  • Suitable for 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” gas delivery hoses
  • Fully insulated and sealed NH3 delivery
  • Manufactured from abrasion resistant alloy steel
  • Features a tungsten carbide leading edge for long wear life
  • Configurable for a range of specific products
  • Configurable to a variety of depths in the soil profile

Why Choose the AgroJECT over the Competition?

At AGROTIL, our expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative agricultural equipment combined with our passion for sustainable, efficient and environmentally-friendly farming has resulted in the creation of a revolutionary new series of nutrient and fertilizer applicator knives – the AgroJECT.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we take pride in creating innovative farming equipment that can really make a difference to farms across Australia and around the world. Our one-of-a-kind design stands well above the competition in durability, versatility, flexibility, and efficiency.

There’s just no other fertilizer applicator series like the AgroJECT on the market.

This unique, patented technology can only be found here at AGROTIL. With superior agricultural engineering going into the design and manufacture of every gas, granular and liquid fertilizer applicator we sell, you know that every fertilizer knife set from AGROTIL will do the job and stand the test of time.

AGROTIL can save you TIME and MONEY

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